All great stories starts with once upon a time. It is as inevitable as an ending must start with a beginning. And equally does FracasNoir – with the hunt for an illusive fragrance which somehow became the girl. Or the girl became the fragrance. Whatever - or wherever the truth may be, is impossible to tell as its now cloaked in what could best be described as legend. What is known however, is that the girl would wear the perfume faithfully every day. And as it was the kind that was rare to find, she was alone in being its custodian. The girl was frequently told, one could trail her from the tuberose scent she left behind. Like white petals scattered wherever she went, leading much like breadcrumbs to her heart and soul.


A few men made foolish attempts to snare it, but this only drove her away from one lover and into the arms of another. Businessmen, sailors, a tattoo-artist, a painter became for brief moments paramours. To others she was a fantasy, only existing in a binary space of zeros and ones. Her name was FracasNoir.




FracasNoir is all about fun, adventure and a little bit of mischief. We strongly believe that a woman should not only have fun dressing and wearing our clothes, but the FracasNoir Collection should contribute to a thrilling and exciting life with a touch of suspense. We do this with the highest quality and integrity in mind, using only the finest organic materials such as wool, cotton, linen and silks. All garments are exceptionally tailored with dresses and skirts using spanx as lining for support, structure and body contour. That’s why we feel confident to guarantee you looking nothing short of ravishingly beautiful in one of our garments.