Amsterdam takes up the trend of intimate networking

Amsterdam takes up the trend of intimate networking

On 25 July Amsterdam will see a new breed of networking – the soirée where people of different backgrounds and industries comes together to socialize, meet new people, and taste a cocktail or two together with canapés and music. Sounds tempting?

That’s what four women thought when they came together a month ago to discuss business. With broad backgrounds spanning from Financial Services to IT and Fashion, they had a good network between them. But networking events are only so much fun, and well quite the passé. So Beryl, Nancy, Morella and Susanne decided instead on organizing a Summer Soirée on 25 July at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam. After all, business happens no matter what, but it is not what people initially connect over.

Susanne Waldau, one of the organiser’s explains: “The concept of the soirée was for people to come together, often at a private house to enjoy eclectic conversation whilst being entertained with music, wine and food.“ Susanne continues “Where the classical salons hosted by intellectuals eventually lost ground, the private soirées became the new gathering places for the Paris elite and a nouveau concept in European society. Eventually it died out, when networking was all the rage. But we want to bring it back with bi-monthly gatherings, no charge, and primarily growing from our own networks in the IT, Financial, Gaming and Lifestyle industries.”

All four women come from different backgrounds, and with that bring something unique to the table and the event. Beryl is from South Africa and is the owner of an upmarket jewelry line – Beryl Dingemans together with her American business partner Nancy Koleda. Morella, is a veteran in this business having organized numerous events through Bella Buccia. Lastly, Susanne a Swedish native, runs her own business consultancy along with her fashion line – FracasNoir.

Naturally these and other brands such as Nighties, RUWLeerand Perfumerie Louise will be on offer, along with prosecco, cocktails and canapés.

Susanne points out though… “it’s not about shopping, it’s about enjoying life…we just bring a little bit of that joie de vivre to Amsterdam on July 25th”

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