Company Profile

Founder & Managing Director

Susanne Waldau

Susanne Waldau is a seasoned entrepreneur with fashion in her blood. Ms. Waldau’s fashion adventure started in her grandmother’s waredrobe, trying out mothball embalmed fashion relics of Schiaparelli, Dior and Balmain. Her interest in design, fragrances and art continued even though her professional career took a different course. In 2008 she launched her blog FracasNoir, which soon became her personal Trademark.

In 2013 she embarked on starting up a fashion label synonymous with old school Hollywood glamour and Film Noir. A collection that would bring out the best in a woman – and perhaps also the worst…

In May 2014, Ms Waldau launched her first Classic Collection. “It’s a timeless collection, based on the finest materials in wool, silk, cotton and chiffon. A collection that will not only make women beautiful, but bring out their spirit and personality. FracasNoir might seem well behaved at first, but underneath layers of luxury cloth she is naughty and seductive …. ready to come out to play.”